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「Bibox 2021 New Year 3rd Event」New year investment BTC&ETH interest hike, claim extra Golden VIP Rights!
2021-02-22 08:03

Dear Biboxers,

To celebrate the New Year and give back to Bibox users, the latest "AI Digital Assets Custody" service has been launched and the following events are live:


Event 1: New Year Investment, Special Interest Rate Hike

Event Time: 15:00 February 8,2021~15:00 February 15, 2021

Event Rules:

1.During the event, subscribe investment-fixed financial zone products and share the stable fixed revenue of investment, the details are as follows:

Name Currency Total Quota Days APR Interest Hike
Star (Special) BTC 70BTC 90 8.50% 2%
Galileo (Special) BTC 70BTC 30 8% 1.5%
Copernicus (Special) ETH 500ETH 90 8.50% 2%

2.During the event, the users whose subscription amount of investment custody ≥1,000USDT and ranks top 50, each user could get 8.88 USDT valued airdrop red packet.


Event 2: New Year Special Offer, Deposit to get Golden VIP Rights

Event Time: February 8, 2021~ February 26, 2021

Event Rules:Provide the VIP level certificate of other platforms and the position certificate/transaction record/custodial certificate of the past 90 days, deposit to Bibox ≥20,000USDT, enjoy the gold VIP rights, and get the 60-day preferential rate, the details are as follows:

1) 20% off spot transaction fees: Maker 0.08%, Taker 0.160%;

2) Pro3 futures transaction fee rate: Maker 0.015%, Taker 0.050%;


Please to be noted:

1.The airdrop event rewards will be issued to your account within 3 working days after the event ends.

2.Provide any one of the other platform’s VIP level certificate/past 90-day position certificate/transaction record/custodial certificate. To receive VIP rights, please click "Apply" or add telegram ID: [email protected], your exclusive manager will contact you within 3 working days.

3.The event fee rate discount is valid for 60 days.


Bibox AI digital investment has been running steadily for nearly 600 days, leading the industry in its return rate and receiving unanimous praise. Safe, high-yield, transparent, and risk-diversified Bibox investment is an excellent partner across the bull and bear markets. Thanks for your support and welcome to experience!


Thank you for support to Bibox!




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