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AAVEUSD, SUSHIUSD Trading Pairs Live in Bibox Coin Swap
2021-02-22 07:58

Dear Biboxers,

In order to enhance the users' trading experience and enrich the trading tokens, the AAVEUSD, SUSHIUSD trading pairs are now added to the Bibox Coin Swap. The details are as follows:


1.New Coin Swap trading pairs

Coin Swap added AAVEUSD, SUSHIUSD trading pairs. The maximum leverage is 100 times. Welcome to transfer funds to the Coin Swap for experience.


2.Description of Bibox AAVEUSD, SUSHIUSD coin-margined contracts

1) No settlement date: coin-margined contract has no expiration time, so there is no restriction on the holding time;

2) Anchor spot: In order to ensure the tracking of the underlying price index, the coin-margined contract uses the mechanism of Funding Cost to ensure that its price closely follows the price of the underlying asset;

3) Price mark: The coin-margined contract uses a reasonable price marking method to avoid forced liquidation due to lack of liquidity or market manipulation;

4) Automatic deleverage: The coin-margined contract uses an automatic deleveraging mechanism instead of an account sharing mechanism to deal with losses caused by liquidation of large positions.


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