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【Report】Bibox Europe Official Launch on Track, Raises Equity Investment from a Global Top-10 Bank
2020-11-24 01:34

Bibox, the AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange has announced plans to cater to European customers with the upcoming launch of Bibox Europe. Equipped with the necessary license in Europe, the company will be opening doors to the public as a fully regulated Blockchain Financial Service Institution.

The company’s plan to launch a fully compliant fiat exchange has been well received by traditional institutions. It is reported that one of the largest global banks has invested in this round of fundraising of Bibox EU. According to Bibox, the platform’s European arm will provide its users with easy access to digital assets by supporting fiat to cryptocurrency brokerage service, encouraging users to build up their crypto portfolio with fiat in a convenient and effective manner. The equity investment from a reputable banking institution, combined with collaboration with multiple Swiss banks have enabled the platform to act as a bridge between traditional financial services and the new-age blockchain and crypto-based financial instruments.

To begin with, Bibox Europe will be supporting fiat on-ramp with four fiat pairs, US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, and Swiss Franc. The Estonia based parent company, Bibox Exchange has forged partnerships with various parties across banking, investment, insurance, and regulatory authorities to provide a seamless experience as a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency investors.


What’s in store for the Customers of Bibox Europe?

Bibox Europe users will be able to purchase crypto assets using fiat without any hassles that are usually associated with such transactions. This is made possible by the support from major European banks following the equity investment into the project by an internationally renowned banking institution.

In addition, Bibox Europe has partnered with a regulated custodian to store, process and protect users’ assets in cold wallets. Further, the company has signed a warranty service with an insurance company to mitigate any potential loss of customer assets in the unlikely event of a security breach. Any loss of customer assets stored on Bibox Europe result from such circumstances will be reimbursed by the insurance provider.

To further reduce the barrier between fiat and cryptocurrencies, Bibox Europe will be issuing a Bibox credit card in collaboration with major credit card service providers. The Bibox credit card can be used across partnered PoS and online payment gateways, not only for the purchase of crypto assets but also for the purchase of real-life goods and services. In addition, it is understood that Bibox is planning to create more applications for its native platform token BIX with credit card services.

When it comes to bulk trading, Bibox Europe has partnered with leading OTC Trading desks in Asia, Europe and America, including FBG Capital to support rapid order execution and transaction processing internationally, covering more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

Bibox is a quality digital asset exchange powered by artificial intelligence. It is committed to providing users with only high-quality assets to trade with. With the innovative incorporation of AI, the exchange is able to provide greater transaction security, system stability, and better user experience.  Bibox has established operating centers across continents and it is still expanding to better serve its users. Bibox is working towards building a secure, transparent, compliant and innovative digital asset platform.


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